Pope Concrete Pools
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Vinyl Liner Inground Swimming Pools

The pool is laid out in the location to ensure homeowner satisfaction and in preparation of excavation.
Concrete is poured around the bottom of the wall to strengthen the structure. Rest assured, we cut no corners!
Shaping the bottom in preparation for a vermiculite plaster.
With the bottom complete, we are ready for the vinyl liner.
Once the liner is installed, the concrete deck is formed, poured, and Kool Deck is applied. Other customized decking options are available.
Whether you are looking for an entertainment environment, home exercise, or sporting fun for all ages, an inground vinyl liner pool offers all of this and more. Relatively inexpensive, a vinyl liner pool structure provides affordable fun without the sacrifice of luxuries and "extras."
When Pope Pools builds a vinyl liner inground pool, we use an industry elite steel wall structure by Fort Wayne Pools, Inc., vermiculite bottom, and a Tara manufactured vinyl liner along with industry leading Pentair pool and spa equipment. Our constructruction time is excellent while we also dedicate time for proper installation.

We at Pope Pools understand a swimming pool is a large investment for any homeowner. For this reason, we remain committed to customer satisfaction and dedication.

Building Process

                     1.  Design and Initial Meeting

You tell us your dream pool- drawing upon experience we'll make suggestions as we work with you to create your backyard oasis

2.    Pool Layout

We mark the area of the pool at the location to ensure owner satisfaction 

 3.    Excavate Pool 

4. Install the Walls

5. Backfill

6. Floor Cushion Poured

7. Decking*

8. Vinyl Liner Installed*

9. Pool School

***- Depending on swimming pool, steps may vary 
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